Absent without leave

That’s what I’ve been on here – so long since I wrote anything. I need to make amends. This post though, is a hotchpotch of things going around in my head. You are cautioned that it may or may not make sense.

This year, 2014, has been momentous for lots of reasons. There are people in my life who I just couldn’t do without, especially my partner Tim. And it goes without saying that my two gorgeous children, Kezia and Aleck, plus my wonderful grandson, Finlay, bring so much joy. I am truly blessed.

Bill (left) and Ben
Bill (left) and Ben

Last year we adopted two kittens into the family, Bill and Ben, and they are doing wonderfully well. They’ve grown a little since this picture and are completely barmy;  they fit in well :-)

No matter how many different kinds of beds, blankets or duvets we get for them, they prefer to sleep anywhere but on them! They love laying and playing on the spiral staircase and both have been known to fall between the steps and land on whoever is sitting on the settee there!

LARSThis year we adopted a boy into the family – a huge big boy called Lewis! He is a Golden Retriever and is decidedly quirky in his ways. We love him to bits and when we got him, it was through Twitter, when an appeal for a new home was featured. He had been in a car accident and had broken his hind leg in three places, which is now fixed with a plate and screws. He also suffered water on the brain and a punctured lung. Bless him, we had to give him crate rest for the first six weeks and then take it very, very slowly with his walking. He has gone through more X-rays and lots of prodding and poking but we are so happy with his progress. Couldn’t have a better vets than we do, Acorn House Veterinary Surgery, they’ve been wonderful. He was two years old on 1st November so in dogs’ years he’s now fourteen and that would explain why he’s like an unruly teenager.

Had some fascinating and fabulous travel adventures, but they’re for another post and will be on thatspr.


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