Fairies, Pixies and Milton Keynes

Kezia & Finlay on the train going through the Winter Wonderland
Kezia & Finlay on the train going through the Winter Wonderland

Yesterday morning, I met my daughter and grandson in Milton Keynes, and it was magical :-)  Middleton Hall always looks fabulous at Christmas and this year is no exception.

The theme was ‘The land of enchanted dreams’. Fairies, Pixies, naughty Goblins and talking trees were everywhere.  It was busy, in fact it was exceedingly full of human beans, both small and tall. All, apart from the odd grumpy one, were happy and smiling.  The children were in awe and the parents and grandparents were really enjoying themselves.  Being a Grandma now, I can understand my Mum and Dad standing watching Kezia and Aleck when they were small with a huge smile on their faces.  Very proud of my two and just love them to bits – Finlay too, of course.

We had a lovely lunch over there and did a little shopping, well you have to, don’t you?  We also took Finlay to Build A Bear Workshop.  Great idea, but huge queues – you choose and then make your own teddy bear or other animals.  I managed to resist but Finlay chose one and he is going to be registered as Thomas!  They get a birth certificate when you’ve done that; they have a passport for travelling – and there are just loads of different clothes for them, all by you as you queue!  Very clever merchandising. Near that is the Disney shop and in the new part with the cows there, there is the Lego shop.  We went in both, just to look and to give Finlay a break from clothes, hats, make-up, etc. He’s a good boy, not that I am biased at all!

It is indeed, a most wonderful time of the year.


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