Gary McKinnon is free, well not yet!

More than three months ago I wrote a post ‘Who is Gary McKinnon?‘ and the following day (25th May) President Obama said Gary’s fate should be decided in the UK. I started the post with this ~

What a momentous day is has been for Gary McKinnon and Janis Sharp.  This afternoon, President Obama, said that the fate of Gary McKinnon will be decided in the UK and not the USA.  A very brave decision for him to make and one, for which, I am sure everybody concerned with the case, will be eternally grateful. Now it is down to Theresa May, in her role as Foreign Secretary, to come forward with a proposal and decide what will happen.  Fingers, and everything else, crossed!

You would think in our just and democratic society, oh yes that is what Britain is supposed to be all about, Gary would have had a case heard by now, but that is not the case.  Despite David Cameron and Nick Clegg making definitive statements about how wrong it would be for Gary to be extradited to the US and how they would do all in their power to fight this miscarriage of justice, Gary has heard diddly squat.

Well, that’s not entirely true, Theresa May has said she will have experts spend time with Gary and then report back to her.  This hasn’t happened and the people that have been put forward are not experts in Gary’s particular illness. It really does not instill confidence in our justice system, nor in this government that David Cameron & Nick Clegg now lead! Empty promises are something politicians are extremely adept at.  My Dad said that once you enter politics, your integrity becomes questionable – how sad and how true.

These are my personal opinions, and as a Mum, I would be tearing my hair out now.  Nine years of mental torture, with the threat of a 70 year jail term in the US if extradited, have been an awful sentence served by Gary already.  Janis Sharp, Gary’s Mum, never ceases to amaze me with her integrity and strength.  Unfortunately, Theresa May is not a Mum, perhaps if she had children, she would understand the horrendous situation of the family better and would be more compassionate about getting something done as soon as possible.

While this awful US/UK extradition treaty is in place, this situation could be applied to anyone who is a British citizen. In fact it has been in other cases, such as Richard O’Dwyer.  The US need provide no proof to ask for someone to face their justice system in their country.  Whereas, should Britain, or any other country for that matter, want to question one of their citizens, there is a solid brick wall put up straight away.  That is how it should be here, not us pandering to whatever the US wants – British citizens deserve the full protection of its government and justice system.  Have a look at the freegary website and you will see all the reports and different ways you can help.  You could write to your MP and ask him/her to sign the Early Day Motion 2388 Extradition of Gary McKinnon – it all helps.  Meanwhile, early on in July, David Cameron was asked in Prime Minister’s question time, by Gary’s MP – David Burrowes, what was happening.  The response ended with

The case is now in front of my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, who has to consider reports about Gary McKinnon’s health and well-being. It is right that she does that in a proper and effectively–I am sorry to use the word again today–quasi-judicial way.

Just how much time does ‘quasi-judicial’ take?  Theresa May doesn’t have children and cannot imagine what it must be like to be stuck in this nightmare, but David Cameron and Nick Clegg do have children and I am sure they would fight tooth and nail to get this resolved quickly should it be one of their own.

Please may we see Britain delivering justice and human rights to its own citizens – NOW!


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