A weekend of fun

Kezia, my daughter, came over with Finlay on Friday evening.  And that was the start of a fun-filled weekend.  I am so lucky to be a Grandma, Finlay is just delightful.  He was four in April and is at an age when everything is to be challenged!  Kezia tells me that I am too soft with him, that I was much stronger with her and Aleck!  I have to admit, she is right!  I can remember when Kezia was 13 and she and I did not see eye to eye on a lot of things; I went round to see my lovely Mum for some tea and sympathy.  I told her that Kezia was driving me mad and she just gave me a huge grin and said “Payback time, darling!” Ha! So true, I thought, as we both collapsed with laughter!

Friday evening, Kezia went out with Aleck and some other friends for a drink, or three. So Finlay and I got busy building a little town for all the small figures and animals he has here.  We had a farmhouse, a big pond, and a field for all the animals.  He just loves animals.  Lea, the putty tat, looks very apprehensive when Finlay comes to stay ~ he just loves to stroke and cuddle her.  The time just flew by and suddenly, or so it seemed, it was way past his bedtime! Off we went upstairs and read one book and then, we both just fell asleep!

Saturday dawned bright and dry, great!  Kezia had stayed over at Aleck’s so Finlay and I picked up where we left off with the animals and then went shopping.  The day was one for the Village Fair and I’d said I’d go down and help the Colts and/or the Clapham Show stand :-)  Both were well organised and up and running when Finlay and I arrived.  Finlay was very happy to be able to see some animals there and to hold a week old lamb :-)  The young Clapham Colts football teams were giving a fabulous tournament display.  Lots of people were there and I saw three people that I had gone to primary school with!   There was a set of stocks there that needed to be filled, the consensus was that should one certain person turn up and go in there, there would be a huge queue to throw the wet sponges! Alas, it wasn’t to be.

There was a car boot sale there too and we managed to bag a lovely Thomas the Tank Engine bike for Finlay to keep here. So lucky!  After that we went home, changed and the three of us went to a birthday party, woo hoo!  Absolutely lovely friends in Sharnbrook, Julie and Nick Welch, were having a party at their house for their daughter, Charlotte.  A bouncy castle, huge barbecue and lots more was there ~ all to celebrate Charlotte reaching the age of 25 :-)  A fabulous time was had by all.  In the evening we went home and turned the TV on for the first time that day and relaxed watching Pinnochio. What a great film.

Yesterday did not dawn sunny and bright ~ it was raining; in fact, it rained all day long. It was Open Farm Day 2011, when many farms up and down this wonderful Isle of ours, opened their gates to the public to show what they do. So a good and bad day for the farmers, good for the rain and open day but bad for all the outdoor activities that had taken so many weeks of preparation. No worries, it was still good ~ and so many puddles to jump in!  And 3 hog roasts on the go :-)

Yesterday evening, we were all quite tired, well Kezia and I were, Finlay seems to have an unlimited supply of energy! Anyway, we put the dvd machine on and watched the film,  Gnomeo and Juliet ~ hilarious and quite touching all at the same time.  The roll call of stars was pretty impressive!  To bed, perchance to sleep afterwards ~ Finlay needed quite a lot of persuading that it was time to sleep!  Kezia and I, not so much so, not that much later!

Today, two alarms went off at 5.40!  Kezia has to get back to the shire of Buckingham and get Finlay ready for school before her horrendous A41, M25, A1 journey to work in Welwyn Garden City – deep joy! And me? I’m still sat here in my jimjams, on the computer, writing this and chatting to the fabulous peeps on Twitter and Facebook.  Thinking, what a lucky girl I am :-) Guess I’ll shower and dress sometime soon ;-)


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