My little warrior hero

I just love being a grandma, fancy that!  A few years ago I would have said perish the thought, as it made me think of being old.  Well that is entirely wrong, because when you have a little one with you, you can get away with so many things!

My beautiful daughter, Kezia, gave birth to Finlay James on 23rd April 2007. For England the date is St George’s Day and he was born in the shire of Buckingham, however, as Britain is a wonderful melting pot of lots of ancient races, seems apt as he has English, Scottish & Irish in him :-)  Finlay means warrior hero, which is definitely appropriate!

I am so lucky as I get to look after Finlay one day a week and often see him at weekends.  He was four last month and is fascinated by animals, farming and seeing how far he can push the boundaries :-)  This weekend he was telling me that he wants to build a great big aeroplane to take all the different animals in to a new safe farm, where he can look after them and they wouldn’t be hurt at all.  He has a very caring & sharing nature ~ either that or he knows something we don’t, it does sound slightly familiar!

Last week, as we walked through town, he said that we shouldn’t step on the cracks!  Ha! Can you imagine skipping through town on your own doing that and just getting smiles from passers-by?  I think the men in white coats would be coming!

So here’s to our children and grandchildren, our future :-)  And flying kites and jumping in puddles!


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