Bruna speaks about Molly @Amalari

I wasn’t looking forward to making the call but knew I had to.  Following the shocking news of Molly’s passing, I needed to know what had happened to her, and I felt I had to let her husband, Mark, know of our distress, sense of loss and disbelief. I didn’t have to ask, it was like he needed to talk about it too.  He immediately told me how on Saturday, they had gone outside to check on the flowers – one was looking very fragile in the strong winds and Molly was concerned for it.  Returning, she said she was feeling tired and went to lie down.
Later, she developed a fever and Mark called the doctor who prescribed anti-biotics.  The meds did not help and next day, Sunday, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Lucca and admitted. Breathing problems set in and she was transferred to Intensive Care Unit where the doctors, including her own trusted cardiologist, could not figure out what was wrong.  Molly’s blood readings were all over the place and she slipped into a coma.  She died Sunday.I wanted to comfort the poor man. I told him how much Molly meant to so many of us, how much she was loved, and I tried not to cry – unsuccessfully I might add, so now instead of helping him, her husband was crying too.  I apologised for upsetting him and he told me ‘but it’s a good upsetting’.  Bless!
Molly – @Amalari – was one of my first Twitter friends. We shared a love of photography, history, writing, Native Americans and the Yankees baseball team.  She was always there for me with her wise words and her dry wit. We had talked about meeting when my friend David and I visited Italy in November but destiny ruled otherwise.  I cannot describe how sad I am that I did not make the time to travel to Lucca!

Her association with Blipfoto is now legendary.  She tried hard to get me involved but I lacked the daily discipline.  Her photos will be greatly missed, as she will be missed by all her Twitter friends … but not as much as Mark.  His despair was evident as he thanked us for contacting him and telling him how much we cared for his wife.

I will talk with him tomorrow night when he will have the results from the autopsy and I will tweet the details.

Oh – one more thing … Molly, if you are reading this – the Yankees won last night … for you!



aka @Beezan


5 thoughts on “Bruna speaks about Molly @Amalari

  1. OMG, I did not know about this! It is so shocking for me to read, I followed Molly too but I did not realise what had happened! I am so so sorry to hear about this! My deepest condolences go to Mark, her husband, I feel so sad!

  2. Thank you for posting this. Molly was a very good friend to me and it helps to know a little more of what happened. My thoughts are with her husband and family. I hope the enormousness affection shown for her online brings some comfort at this awful time.

  3. Such sad news. I talked with her cousin here in the states that I have grown to know because of Molly. She introduced me to so many great people. I will always miss her. My thoughts go to Mark as well.

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