Missing Molly

This evening on Twitter, we were absolutely shocked to learn our dear friend, Molly, @amalari, had suddenly died. Her last tweet was on Saturday when she actually said she wasn’t feeling so good,  but this …..

Molly lived in beautiful Tuscany with her husband and they had two gorgeous houses they let out as holiday rentals. We used to chat about the best way to market them.  She was very knowledgeable about anything and everything really.  Huw @huwspanner, Molly and I had a long chat one day about Native Americans and how the book called, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, had affected us all.

Molly had many good friends on Twitter, she was a lovely lady, caring and sharing, with a wonderful wit!  Her profile said : EX UK & USA Freelance journalist, author. Politics, music, animals, food, photography, history. Green. Sinfully lazy.

I am writing this because of feeling so shell shocked.  You don’t have to meet someone to know them and the friends you make on Twitter do become good friends ~ knowing them perhaps better than some of our ‘real’ friends.

I’ve given the lovely Bruna @beezan, Molly’s phone number and tomorrow, she will call Molly’s husband to express the shock and loss we all feel.

Rest in peace Molly, you will be very sorely missed. x


3 thoughts on “Missing Molly

  1. I’m shocked silly to hear this AWFUL news……..may one of our very first and longlasting Twitter friends rest in peace…..I’ll so miss her photos and the little chats we had.

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