The challenges of a working Mum

I’m very proud of my daughter, Kezia; indeed, I’m very proud of my son, Aleck, too!  But this post is about Kezia being a working Mum and the challenges that sometimes come with it.  I know only too well what trials and tribulations can occur as I was a single Mum bringing up my two, so I have respect for all who go down this road.

Kezia with Finlay

Background to family members ~ Chris is Kezia’s partner; Chris’s Mum and his sister, Lisa, run Green Apples, which is the wonderful child minding nursery that Finlay (my grandson) goes to. Alan is Lisa’s partner. Dave is Chris’s older brother. All live on the outskirts of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

On Thursday, Kezia took Chris over to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford to have his tonsils removed. Early on Friday morning, Lisa called Kezia to say that her son Elias had this nasty tummy bug that is going around so she would be staying at home with him and his two sisters, Sienna and Esme. Challenge number 1, Lisa takes Finlay to school. Kezia calls Dave, to see if he could take Finlay to school, Dave and his partner, Sam, & son, Hadley, are all suffering from the same bug!  Kezia calls Chris’s Mum, to see if she is still having any children, but poor Linda is suffering too. Challenge number 2, the nursery where Finlay goes after school is closed.

It is now 07.20 and Kezia calls me to see if I can get across to look after Finlay. Challenge number 3, I have no car at the moment as Kezia is using mine while her Audi is in an automotive medical centre. Kezia calls Aleck to see if I can borrow his car for the day. Challenge number 4, Aleck is at work. But he says yes, if I can get there to collect it. And he wouldn’t need it back until the next morning at 10.

Second call from Kezia to see if I can pick up Aleck’s car. No worries there, I can catch a bus into town and walk to Aleck’s workplace.  In the meantime, Alan has called Kezia to say that he will take Finlay to school.  Kezia is also going from work, in Welwyn Garden City, to Oxford, to pick Chris up from hospital in the afternoon.

Happily, all challenges had solutions, but this can only be achieved if you have a great support network of family and friends out there. It’s not easy being a working Mum when you have challenges, such as these, thrown at you before the day has properly started.

The benefits were there too – I got to see Finlay unexpectedly!  And I drove my son’s car – I have a Golf, but Aleck’s is the GTi version, so much more fun!

As Kezia was on her way to pick Chris up, she had a call from him to say that he had to have more surgery as there had been complications. Kezia came home and the three of us went to Oxford and got there after Chris was back on the ward from his second surgery. Unfortunately he was having to stay in under observation for another night because of the second op.  The day had a lovely finish, as we three went home and snuggled down together to watch Toy Story – again!


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