Since being on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve met many wonderful people.  Every single one is special and unique; each with his or her own thoughts, interests and passions.

I share a lot of those passions, some are for ideals and principles held dear ~ some are for injustices and some are to try and stop the establishment from taking actions that would harm our country and/or our incredible planet.

The ones I want to focus on are small in number, but then if you’re going to eat an elephant, you must start with small bites!  I think I will just name them today and then expand on each one in separate posts.

  • Water Aid
  • The White Ribbon Alliance For Safe Motherhood
  • Save Our Forests (U.K.)
  • St Dunstan’s
  • Gary McKinnon
  • British Citizenship (for children of a British Mother)
  • The Stroke Association

Obviously there are much larger goals ~ Save The Rainforests and Climate Change Goals – ones that, unless addressed, will be our demise.   And to see independence in occupied countries, especially Burma and Tibet, in my lifetime would be stupendous.  And why not? Dreams do come true, if you believe they do ~ and if you work hard enough to help them along.


6 thoughts on “Passions

  1. hi Lynn! great to know you via twitter too! I have never met anyone as inspiring or as opinionated (in a good way) as you. You stand for all that is good, and right in this world! Rock on sista!

  2. Great stuff Lynn. I’m happy to assist with anything I can re the WRA :)

    Love the look of your blog too by the way. Its very clean, crisp and great to read x


  3. Hi Lynne, Firstly, congratulations on starting a blog. Well done!

    Secondly, I’m very impressed with your “Passions” post and I’m honoured that you have chosen to include my particular issue regarding British Citizenship (for children of a British Mother)in your list of worthy goals. Thank you so much, Lynne! I hope you know how much I appreciate your support.

    1. Thank you Maureen, after all the promises that were made by the Government regarding ageism and sexism. all were reneged upon!
      And what they have put in place now is an absolute insult to you and others ~ it needs to be addressed, grrr!

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