Travelling through the Shires

This is my first post on a new blog ~ woo hoo!

Yesterday I drove from Buckinghamshire, through the shires of Northampton, Oxford, Warwick, Worcester to Herefordshire.  I did the quick run rather than the scenic route ~ shall save that for the return journey when haste is not a necessary companion.

I started from my daughter’s home in Aylesbury, through to Bicester and then onto the M40.  Great motorway when not chock-a-block and Sunday evening is a good time to reap the benefits of not too much traffic.  Over the years, I’ve tried many different routes from Bedford and Aylesbury to Herefordshire ~ this one seems to give the least stress and traffic jams.  At junction 3A, onto the M42 westbound and then the M5 southbound, coming off at Worcester.

I purposely drive past the Worcester N turn and go on to Worcester S, and for good reason.  Worcester N takes you through the town, it also takes you on roads where signposts to the A44 disappear!  And where, along the roads when you are frantically looking for signposts that will give you a clue as to which way to go, there are speed cameras ~ grrrrrrr!  Didn’t even see the one that got me doing 36 in a 30 mile limit :-(  I’m usually good on 30 mph but was too busy looking at signs rather than the speedo.  Heigh ho!

When you come off at Worcester S, you go straight onto the A44 to Leominster.  At Leominster you have two routes to choose from to get to the little hamlet near Pembridge where my friend’s house is.  You can just follow on the A44 or turn right and go through the gorgeous village of Eardisland.  I always turn right ~ I want to savour the last stage of my journey to the peace and tranquillity that is Herefordshire.

Anna's home ~ Yew Tree Cottage

A shire that personifies England’s green and pleasant land.

A couple more miles and then turn onto a winding, single track road.  I turn down the by-way to the house ~ a big smile on my face.

Coming this way you don’t see all the wonderful places that you do on the scenic and slow A422 from Bedford to here, but there is still so much to take in.  On the humorous side, some of the place names you see on the signposts will make you smile ~

Brill (how quirky and good does that sound?!), Piddington, Fritwell (spooky; where I live ‘frit’ is an accepted alternative for frightened!), Bishop’s Itchington, Kite Green (Oh no, have started to sing, albeit silently, ‘Let’s go fly a kite’ from Mary Poppins!), Pigeon Green, Trap’s Green, Witheybed Green, Lickey, Lickey Rock, Lickey End, Suckley, Butts End, Pie Corner, Sweet Green, The Hundred, The Broad, Weobly (who else remembers the Weebles?), and many, many more.  All so quintessentially English.

If you travelled somewhere new everyday, you would still not be able to see all the wonder and goodness out there in this wondrous planet of ours called Earth.  What a privilege it is to experience just a tiny percentage.


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